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舞木和哉作品展「Natural by Nature / あたりまえのありのまま」


舞木和哉による作品展“Natural by nature”を開催します。

1976年香川県生まれ。イラストを描いたり 紙にまつわるデザインを日々制作中。


The exhibition by Kazuya Mougi “Natural by nature “will be held at Salad Bowl.
On the canvases, you can see various normal scenes such as a cubby woman, mountains, or pancakes with melted butter. Mougi paints those scenes from his daily sketches.
Each painting on the silkscreened canvas becomes a complete work after putting phrases by Yu Kisami, one of Mougi’s friends of New York days. This time 23 works will be exhibited.
Mougi says, “Those works are seemed just illustrations but our views of society are also hidden. We give a meaning for each work but we don’t care either.”
Sometimes, people notice that paintings and pictures in the room make our feelings comfortable. Salad Bowl hopes Mougi’s works will be a good partner for your daily life. Please come and see the exhibition

Kazuya Mougi
Kazuya Mougi (1976-) was born in Kagawa.
He daily draws illustrations and designs paper_related works.
Occasionally, he reads books in the fields.


舞木和哉作品展「Natural by Nature / あたりまえのありのまま」
2015年 7月 14日 (火) ~ 27日(月) OPEN 11:00 ~ 20:00
レセプションパーティー 18日(土) 17:00~20時

東京都世田谷瀬田4-29-11 833ビル1F
T. 03-6411-7522 F. 03-5491-7016


SALAD BOWLは”Get along with art”(アートと共に暮らす)をテーマに企画展を開催しています。

Support:Liquitex / todo
Art direction / Design : Mami Ueda
Writing:Ayaka Tamaki
Organize:LABORATORIAN & Kazuya mougi

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